Bruno Mars on Instagram


       Many celebrities are on social media sites thesedays to disseminate their personal information directly to their fans. They usually post their status and pictures, and they also respond to their fans sometimes. On social media, they can also see how people are talking about them and how their fans are giving feedbacks.

       Singer and songwriter Bruno Mars just posted his first Instagram photo on Wednesday. He is using the photo-sharing service to debut the cover art for his forthcoming Unorthodox Jukebox album. The cover art premiered on Instagram, but not surprisingly, it was quickly making its way onto other social networing sites such as Facebook and Twitter. 

       In the video below is the first single of his album, “Locked Out of Heaven”.

 According to Mashable, the digital marketer at Mars’s label, Atlantic Records, Thanh Nguyen said “Just like the music video for ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ it’s been his approach to go directly to his fans, there’s definitely a charm with spontaneity and as he mentioned in a recent interview, the Internet gives you that luxury.”

      What he said was so true. The Internet gives everybody so much and makes everybody’s life so easy. Now with Instagram, we are not only doing things with words, but also pictures, which sometimes conveys even more. There are a lot of celebrities other than Bruno Mars are finding fun ways to take advantage of Instagram, whether for crowdsourced contests or music videos. Bob Dylan, Rufus Wainwright, and Ellie Goulding have all asked fans to submit Instagram photos for inclusion in their lyric videos this year.


The Fourth Generation iPad & iPad Mini


       On Tuesday, Apple launched the smallest tablet so far, the 7.85-inch iPad mini. Surprisingly, iPad mini was not the only thing launched that day, the fourth generation iPad also launched with it. Nobody anticipated the launch of the fourth generation iPad since iPad 3 has only been launched for 6 months. 

       The iPad mini is about 25% thinner than the iPad (7.2 mm) and 53% lighter (0.68 lbs.). The resolution is 1,024 * 768, the same as the original iPad and iPad 2. It comes with a powerful A5 chip, the new 9-pin lightning connector, and LED backlight technology. Other features include a front-facing FaceTime 720p camera and a 5-megapixel rear camera.

       The fourth generation iPad is created with a new A6X chip, which is also featured in the iPhone 5 — this LTE-capable device is reportedly twice as fast as the former iPad.

       I am an iPad 3 user myself, but I don’t feel so bad about the lauching of the new iPad because I don’t care how fast the new one is. My tablet is good enough for me. However, a new study by Toluna Quick Surveys conducted among 2,000 consumers, shows that 45% of iPad users are upset about the timing Apple launches its next-generation tablet, and consequently made the iPad 3 obsolete.  

       The survey also shows that 50% of iPad 3 owners say they are unsatisfied about the launch of iPad 4, followed by 45% of iPad 2 owners and 40% of the first generation iPad users. 

       Even though consumers are upset about iPad 4, they report that they are ready and willing to purchase iPad mini. The survey finds out that 15% consumers say they will definitely buy the tablet and 32% say they will probably buy it. Respondents are most impressed by the size of the small and lightweight device, followed by the speed and performance, and enhanced battery life.



        Do you all remember four years ago when President Obama was elected as the 44th United States President? I know I definitely do. He was the first president that got elected while I was in the U.S. I remember he went to a park in Hammond, Indiana and gave a speech and I was there. Even though throughtout the whole speech, I didn’t even figure out where he was, I was still very excited. Four years ago, his slogan was “Yes, we can”, which influenced the whole country. This year, he is running the presidential campaign again for re-election, and his slogan is “Forward”. Both “Yes we can” and “Forward” are executive created by  Fred Goldring. Forward means moving the country forward. Both “Yes we can” and “Forward” are short, powerful and influencial.

       Below is a song called “Forward”, sing and produce by Ne-Yo, Natasha Bedingfield and other well known artists. The song is for supporting Obama to win his re-election by moving the country forward together. The video is not sponsored by the official campaign, but it mirrors the campaign slogan “Forward”. The video is shot in black and white, and it incorporates the words of Obama throughout the song. 

 “I have never been more hopeful about America”, “That’s becasue I have the answers”, “I am hopeful because of you”, “We leave no one behind, we hold each other up”, “Our problems can be solved”. Those are some of the sentences that Obama’s voice said in the video. And the video ends with a sentence “Let’s finish what we started together”. The video has 1090 likes on YouTube. 

       I am kind of an Obama fan becasue he has his chrisma and he is such a great speaker. I love to hear him talk. Furthermore, Obama being United States Prisident means so much to the equality to America as a country. Skin color still matters a lot in this country, but I think it can change a lot starting from Obama. To me, it’s like Martin Luther King’s dream in the “I have a dram” speech almost come true. 


Lady Gaga Hit 30 Million Followers On Twitter


  Lady Gaga is one of the most popular singers in the world. She has her own styles; she writes her own songs, and she has very good voice. I like her very much. Her voice is so sexy both when she sings and talks. She sometimes dresses like creazy, and doesn’t care what other people say about her. She also support gay. I think these are big parts of why she is so popular. People look at her not only as a popular idol, but also someone who is being herself, do what she wants to fulfill her dreams.

       This is the chart shows how her followers grow over the past few months. 

       In March, she was the first Twitter user to reach 20 million followers. Additionally, Gaga was the first artist to reach 1 billion views on YouTube in 2010. She also has 53.1 million fans on Facebook and she joined Google+ in January where she has 4 million followers on it. 

       A lot of her fans are posting things to celebrate her 30 million milestone. One said that she is proud to be part of this family. I’m part of this family, too. I only followed 9 people so far on Twitter becasue I’m a new user of Twitter, and she is one of them. Another follower said that Lady Gaga is the Queen of Twitter which I think is very true.

Pinterest Drives More Sales Than Facebook


         According to a recent survey conducted by BizRate Insights, which is the industry- leading suite of customer listening & website ratings tools for online retailers, Pinterest motivates more online purchases than Facebook. Below is a figure compares Pinterest with Facebook in terms of reasons to use them, Pinterest tops Facebook.

        I didn’t know about Pinterest until this semester. When my professor talked about different forms of social networking sites, I always hear Pinterest, but I still didn’t know what this was, until the presentation on Pinterest by one of my classmates. I find Pinterest is pretty interesting. People mostly pin pictures on there. Everybody loves visual and so do I. I like to see pictures a lot more than words. In addition, there are a lot of fashion stuff on Pinterest, people have the envy section where they post thing they want. This could be a great section for me, becasue I always like to see products online. With the envy section, I can see what other people found instead of searching for myself. Also with other people’s envy section, there are mixed products in there so I don’t have to just look at one brand and one type of things. Other sections like food is what everybody likes, and I do too. 

        I haven’t set up a Pinterest account yet,  but if see something I like on Pinterest, I would want to buy them. I think many people are like me. So Pinterest is a very good sites to drive sales. 

        Zappos has launched a companion tool for Pinterest called PinPointing. It reccomends Zoppos products based on different Pinterest pins and boards. Users open PinPointing, enter a pinner or board name and PinPointing recommends Zappos products that are similar so they can easily purchase that product. They come up with the idea inspired from magzines and retail stores, where they show celebrities’ pictures and show their products have the similar look of the celebrity with lower prices. 

Katy Parry Sings With A Gril Has Autism


       A 11-year-old girl Jodi DiPiazza who has Autism, sings with Firewords with Katy Parry at Night of Too Many Stars on Oct 13. In the video that pre-taped before the show, Jodi’s parents said that there were no symptions of the disease before they found out and there is no cure. It is a life long disability. She had to go to whole day therapy and when she got home, there were another two hours therapy everyday. Their lives are very stressful. Her parents didn’t expect too much. They thought she would never speak, and not to mention she would sing oneday. 

       Her father thought that she would be limited until they found out that she loved music. From then on, she kept proving that they were wrong. Her mother said that whenver she heard something from radio or TV, she would go to the piano and play it out. They were very lucky to find a program where she could practice her music and sing. Katy Parry is one of her favirote celebrities. She played Fireworks in front of her family and friends and she also played on the stage when she sang with Katy Parry.

       I love the song Fireworks, that is why the news caught my attention at first place. I think the girl did very well on her vocal and her piano. After they finish the show. She hugged Katy Parry for a long time and didn’t want to let her go. Then she put up her hands and showed her joy.  

      Katy Parry tweeted about the show on Oct 14. People who were responding her said that they cried when they watched the video. She did a great thing to help out the girl. Hope she fully recover soon.

Social Media in President Campaign


                Social media has been used so widely that the president campaign definitely won’t let it out. President Barack Obama and the the other candidate Mitt Romney are both actively searching for ways to engage with the public, especially the young generation. This is why they want to be active on social networking sites. President Obama is clearly a winnter as of now compare to Romney. Here are some statistics:

        On Facebook, president Obama has more than 30.8 million people like his page while Romney’s only got a little over 9.3 million. There’s one post says “If you’re on Team Obama, let him know,” on the president’s page which has been shared more than 159,000 times. First Lady Michelle Obama, meanwhile, has 8.5 million Facebook fans — ahead of Romney’s wife Ann (381,000). But in the vice president race, Joe Biden trails far behind his Republican rival Paul Ryan.

        On Twitter, @BarackObama has more than 20.8 million followers. Obama has present on the social network since March 2007, and his team constantly post comments on his behalf. His own tweets are followed by the initials ‘bo.’ According to Two…d to praise the first lady. Mitt Romney, has a little less than 23,700 fans. His page also includes campaign ads and other videos, including one depicting his love story with his wife Ann.

        On Pinterest: Obama’s page has more than 34,600 followers. His team has posted light-hearted snaps, such as photos of the president stroking his dog Bo under the heading “Pet Lovers for Obama.” Romney is on Pinterest with a mere 1,700 followers, but his wife Ann has drawn a following of more than 12,400. She has posted photos of herself cooking M&M cookies with her grandchildren or of a meatloaf cake — “one of Mitt’s favorites.” Michelle Obama is also on Pinterest, with just under 43,000 followers. Her page includes gardening snaps taken around the White House.

        On Instagram: There are 1.5 million people follow Barack Obama’s campaign shots. Far behind, Mitt Romney is “followed” by 30 times less people.