First Blog Post Ever in My Life


       Hi, I’m Ren, and also Erin. I know you can’t believe this, but it just happened, yes, this is my very first blog post in my whole life. I was not a social media person before, but I plan to make some progress, I hope it all go well. Now this is about me, I am from China and I have been in the U.S. for five years now. I’m currently a graduate student at University of Tennessee concentrate in public relations.

       I want to work in a big company as a professional public relations practitioner after my graduation, where I maintain communication flow in the company, represent the company on press conferences and host company events. I’ve also dreamed to become a reporter or just being in the broadcasting field. Hopefully one day I could accomplish this goal.

       Now I’m in a social media class which exactly what I need right now to follow up the new technology pace. When I get out of the class, I hope I’d have a better understanding of social media sites, in terms of how they benefit me with my life and how they benefit marketers. In addition, I want to be familiar with all the new technologies and also become a better writer. In terms of my blog, I think as an international student, I will focus my postings on stories about social media in different countries. In the mean time, I was and am still trying to embrace American culture, share differences and live my American dreams. I also hope I can share all these with other people on my blog.


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