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Social Media and Baby Boomers


        I’ve learned a new word today when I’m reading some social media news. It is “baby boomers”. Baby boomers is the group of people who was born betwwen year 1946-1964. This age range is pretty much our generation’s parents. They are the generation who has been considered hard-working, motivative and competitive. But they are not passionate about social media. Social media is generally considered as something yong people love to use. I’m not saying that there are no baby boomers using social networking sites. In fact, some of them use those sites very well. But the majority people who are using social media sites are our generation.

       As a matter of fact, social media can be a good friend for the baby boomers. First of all, they can be up-to-date of what’s new in their lives. We have a old saying in China that live to old, learn to old. So the baby boomers should always learn the new things. It will make their lives more fun and more fashion. It can also help some of them who is still working, to expand their business using soical media sites. Secondly, it is a good way to be involve with what’s their offsprings are doing. If they want to track down on their children, they should get a Facebook account or a Twitter account. Thirdly, it will make their lives easier. Just like what soical media is doing for us, it can work for them, too. They can find a lot of good stuff on social media sites such as coupons and deals. They can also read variety news anytime they want.  

       Social media might not be good for everybody. Some people just don’t want to try them. However, if you try, it will bring you suprises. I think the baby boomers should really start using social media. Our generation will learn even more when they join us. We will see different things through their different views and experiences. They can learn from the young generations, too. I think social meida can totally help us to reduce the generation gaps.


Gangnam Style


       This is a VERY popular video recently. The song in the video is called Gangnam Style along with the dance. It is created by a Korean artist PSV. The song was released on July 15th this year. His dancing is like a horse running and it is somehow very very influencing. I even heard the song on the radio FM star 102.1 the other day. I personally don’t like the song. But there are so many people are crazy about it. The video is on Youtube and I believe it is everywhere. On Youtube, there are 3,050,215 people vote like it with 306,731,941 views.

       Social media is so powerful thesedays. I think everyone can be a star nowadays if you have enough potential to influene people. The information travels so fast through social media sites and internationally. There are plenty of other video related to the song. The marching bands of Oregon University, Ohio University and many others use the song in the opening of football games. So many people are learning the dance. Other Korean artists say they are so pround of the guy. He also perfomed in New York.


Social Media Guidelines


        I am taking a Journalism class this semester, and I’ve got the Associate Press Stylebook, where I find a section talks about social media guidelines. I think it should be useful if anyone ever needs to write some news stories based on social media sources. 

       The general rule of vetting sources should be the same as any other ways. But there are other challenges because it is a lot times hard to verify the identity of the sources on social media sites. 

       Most social networking sites offer a way to send messages to users, so we can get direct contact with the user who provide the source through email or phone, to get more detailed information about the the source. Never just quote somebody or share a photo or video based on where we first see them. Always find the original sources. If a source comes from a company, organization or goverment agency, always confirm identity by calling the place. If the source provides central factual information to the news story, we should find additional sources as confirmation.

       If we want to use photos, videos and other media sources, we need to verify the authentication. In addition, we need to determine who owns the copyright and get permission from that person or organization.

       We should be very careful when we find that the social networking page belongs to somebody who is essential to the news story, especially when we haven’t confirmed with the person. Make sure the page is not a fraud by somebody else.

       Finally, there is one thing social media should not be used. I quote “social networks should never be used as a reporting shortcut when another method, like picking up a phone or knocking on a door, would yield more reliable or comprehensive information.

       Source: Associate Press Stylebook, P. 312

Target on Social Media


        Target as America’s third largest retailer, has become the America’s fastest-growing social brands with adding more than 2 million Facebook fans in the last month alone, according to Track Social. I personally like Target a lot because it has tidy shopping environment and better products. Target did very good in their corporate social responsibilities also. But what I didn’t know is that Target is also one of the most successful brands on Facebook. I found this interesting article which concludes five main points to make Target successful on social media. I think these points can be helpful to other brands who are trying to expand their influence on social media.        

  • Encourage Facebook messaging and delivery benefit to the customer. Target has a user friendly app called “Give with friends”. It allows people to pool their resources and give a gift card to another friend on Facebook. This makes people engage and also be rewarded. 
  • Use Twitter to create real time conversations. Many brands use Twitter and other soc… new customer through it.
  • Pictures are better than other types of messages. Target has a clear idea that when sending messages, to include a picture works much better. So they post a lot of photos and charts to earn better response.
  • Community Engagement. Target do a lot of community services. For instance, they have the recent campaign “Give with Target”, which let their followers vote for their favorite local schools. The winning school will get Target gift cards.
  • Think global, post local. This means that even as large a company as Target, it is always the best to customize their posts based on users’ locations. Many big brands only see social media as a mess media platforms, but Target gets the heart of social media sites.

        From above five points, we can see that Target is really doing a good job with social media. Their engagement trending has been upward all year. Here is the link to the full article, if you are interested in Target or if you want to learn from Target’s success, please read it.

The iPhone 5 (Parody): A Taller Change Than Expected


        Ever since iPhone 5 releases, so many people are talking about it. Either the new 3D map sytsem compares to the google map system, or the Chinese version siri, or the thinner body, as well as the taller screen. Without doubt there will be positive voices and negative voices. Last night, I found a video on Youtube and this is the most interesting comment I have ever seen. The video is invented based on the taller screen feature of iPhone 5 and exaggerate it. Those folks did a really good job imitating Apple’s office video introducing iPhone 5. They used the exact same format and tone of voice. I think they are very smart to come up with an idea like this. It is so hilarious and very creative. I personally think the best part is when they say with the taller screen, the reception has never been better, and when they introduce the body time. 

        I reviewed people’s feedback on this video. Most people like it. On Youtube, there are 27074 likes vs. 499 dislikes at the point I watched it. One person says he actually wants that extremely tall phone. Most people find the video hilarious. Some people think this is the best commercial ever for the new iPhone. There are other people who already got iPhone 5 comment that they are first not too comfortable with the taller screen and then they get used to it. I personally think that this video is going to help Apple generate sales. People will want to try the taller screen since it is the first time ever Apple has increase the length of the screen. Below is the video, I hope you enjoy it.

The Magic of Social Media


        Before these couple of months, I guess I really have never believed in the magic of social media. I never believed in something like a company hires someone because that person has a impressive social media site. Now I’m taking this social media class and I get to know a lot of thing I don’t know before, I start to believe in it. Also, I recently heard a story of my cousin and his wife’s, which really inspired me. I think it is usual that something happens to someone very close to you will make you really start to believe in it. My cousin Sunny and his wife Lily’s story really fit into all the things we are talking about thesedays. So here it is.

        Sunny and Lily were both radio reporters in my hometown radio station. They both loved their job but somehow, due to many complicated job policies in China, they were not accepted as permanent employees in the company. They were not satisfied with their salary either. Then on a holiday, they went to Boracay island, Philippines for vacation and they explored another career for themselves. Their lives started to change. Now they’ve moved to Boracay island for 2 month already. They are trained to be diving coaches over there and they are doing really good jobs. The…also post about their lives on the island.

        One day, the magic happened. A news reporter from Shenzhen was attractedd by Lily’s weibo. So she started to follow her, chat with her, and they soon formed a friendly relationship. The news reporter is very much amzed by how a couple could be so matched together to give up the life they already have and come to a common goal to live another life. Usually either the husband wants to change and the wife doesn’t or the other way around, which cause the relationship to fall apart. Therefore, the reporter desparatly wants to interview them. Next thing I know she just flew to the Boracay island to visit them. She also broght them snacks from China. My cousin finally let her interviewed his coach for the respect purpose. And they made a deal that the reporter come back two years later and interview them. They promised to continue following each other on weibo and keep in touch.

        When my cousin’s training is done, and he can finally start his own business, the interview will help him in a great deal. I am so happy for them, and their story really inspired me. I think I should start to try to manage my social media sites very well and hope the magic will happen to me.

Social Media in Crisis Situation


        As we all know thesedays, social media has a lot of advantages including enlarge our network, increase advertisemnets and sale, as well as increase job opportunities. Besides all of these, the benefit which amaze me the most is how social media functions in a crisis situation, especially natural disasters, such as tornado.

      When such thing as tornado comes, people are running out of their houses, their phone services are dead, the recue won’t be there so soon and there is no way they can get any information on how to handle the situation. This is the time when social media comes to play. All the people no matter they are in the hazardous area or out, start to posts information and share their situation. Research shows that when crisis happens, the information on social media flows way faster than the regular news. Information are also more accurate than on the news becasue the sources are coming from people in the disaster. 

       Besides the accuracy and immediate information, another good thing is that people can share their feelings on social media right away and also see someone else’s feelings. People always feel safer when they know there is someone else with them. They also feel better when they know what is going on. When the rescue and the reporters couldn’t go into the scene so quickly, it is really good to exchange information over the social media sites and let people know about their status.

      This method may not be ideal for all of the countries becasue some developing countries has very poverty areas such as China. When natural disasters hit the poverty area, there’s no way people can get on to the social media sites becasue they don’t even own laptops or smart phones. However, I think the knowledge of using social media in a crisis situation should be educated start from small kids since we are in the technology era, we should really use them to protect ourselves when necessary.