Holiday Shopping, Thanks to Social Media


        Labore Day is one of the many holidays that people would go shopping and go for laid back lives. As I was thinking about how many deals I can get on the Labore Day, I suddenly realized how much easier social media had made our lives. Before social media era, we were only be informed of shopping deals and got coupons through mail or email when we signed up at certain stores or websites. Lots of times, we ignored advertising mails or emails, in which cases, we lost the information of deals and coupons. Even though some of us would  go online and search for deals, it was time consuming and imperfect.

        Nowadays, when social media plays a very important role in our personal lives and the whole society, it is very easy for us to be notified of deals. is a website full of variety of deals, it also has a Chinese version of the website. In the mean times, dealmoon has both facebook and twitter accounts, as well as Chinese weibo account, when we like it and follow it, it will be all over our facebook and twitter. In this way, we get most updated deals and coupons in a timely fashion. In the past times, I have something to buy, I just go to the store and buy it. Now, I always wait for my twitter to tell me the right deals for me. Social media saves us a lof money. On the other hand, we could lose money because of social media, since we may buy something we might not need just for the deal.

      Marketers benefit from social media also in a lot of ways. For example, we usually only shop in the stores or on the websites we are familiar with. Now, we go wherever provides better deals. It certainly creates market competition and generate sales. In addition, one dealmoon can present thoudsands of companies and brands of their deals. It makes marketers easier to advertise. 


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