Is this really happening?


        I am not a social media person, as I talked about in my introduction. In fact, I have just as many social media sites as others both U.S. and Chinese sites. I have Facebook, Twitter, Renren, Weibo and so on, but I only have them because everybody else have them. I seldomly post things, and I have less friends and followers. I just don’t feel like sharing my everything with all the people on my sites, no matter I’m happy or sad. I know this is really bad, and I plan to change. However, I am still getting to believe the importance of social media, especially on the professional side.

        As I take the social media class and as I am reading Mark Schaefer’s Return on Influence, I started to see how the world works now. I joked with boyfriend today, I said I think I have to go back to China, I am out of compete in the United States job market. I really do start to have this concern. If somebody asks me what is my Klout score is in an interview, I will be screwed. Mark Schaefer talked about we all become numbers in the introduction of his book. Then in this case, I think I am a zero. While I’m getting all these information, part of me is still qeustionning “is this really happening?” Maybe becasue I have never tried to find a real job here yet,  so I don’t have the motivation to see the truth. I don’t know if there are people who are with me on this. I am watching Desperate Housewives thesedays, and in one episode, the character Tom is trying to find a job. The interview went very well until the employer asked him have he ever done advertising on Twitter. So I think it kind of is really happening; the issue is everywhere.

        Therefore, I really need to change. In fact, maintaining social media sites for a certian company sounds like a fun job to me. If I successfully turn from a social media non fan to a social media madman, I think I would like to try the job. Wish me luck. 


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  1. You would be surprised at how high your Klout score may be. I thought the same thing as you when I first heard about it, I was surprised mine wasn’t 0! I do not think that you are any less capable of getting a job than the rest of us. We are all struggling to make a name for ourselves in the world of social media! You will do fine!

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