Culture Experience


       I must first say I am strong! In the five years I was here in the U.S., there was never a time I had to go to the hospital. Therefore, I have never experienced going to American hospitals. However, started this Sunday, I had a fever with an unknown reason. I started to get worried on Monday night when the fever was still there and I still didn’t figure out the reasons; so I went to the emergency. The minute I walked into that small room, interesting things happened. 

       I suddenly realized that it was excatly the same as I see on the TV shows. The nurse told me to ware the robe and sit on the bed to wait for the doctor. I feel like I’m in a TV scene myself. This is always the most interesting part about getting to know a new culture, besides the hard part trying to adjust it. How the hospital runs here is a lot different than the case in my home country China. So I find it must have cost me a lot of money to be in the emergency, but it was a memorable experience that night.

       Later on Wednesday, I finally figured out what caused me the fever was the growing of my wisdom tooth. It really hurts; I couldn’t eat anything but soup. I posted my status on my weibo account, suprisingly many people responded to bless me and shared their wisdom teeth stories with me. I also had a friend who offered me some medicine he used when he was in pain of the wisdom teeth. I guess we are lucky to have social media; we have bigger and quicker network. If it’s not for weibo, I won’t be getting all the cares from my friends and that medicine. I’m still in pain though, I don’t know how much longer it will last. I hope my tooth will take a break soon.


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