The Newest Smart Phone


        On Sep 12, Apple released the new iPhone 5 . Compared to its predecessor, iPhone 5 has a taller screen, thinner and lighter body, faster A6 chip, 4G connectivity and redesigned EarPods.  iPhone 5 uses a 16:9 screen of 4”, which hits the second milestone in iPhone’s screen history (The first milestone was the introducing of retina screen in iPhone 4 which was 2 years ago). The design of body of iPhone 5 is only slightly tweaked, which is  lighter and thinner than iPhone 4S even though it is longer. With the new A6 chip, the performance and graphcs of iPhone 5 could go up to twice fast compare to iPhone 4S, and has more battery life. 

      Along with iPhone 5, Apple announced the new IOS 6.0. The Chinese version of Siri finally launched in IOS 6.0. The new designed Siri can help user do more things such as checking scores of the latest games.  With the integrating of twitter in IOS 5, this time, Facebook is integrated in IOS 6. Now it’s easier than ever to interact with the world’s largest social network. Users can easily share a photo to Facebook right from camera or photo library, post location from Map, brag about a high score from Game Center. Siri can also help users post all these thing if their hands are busy. 

       iPhone 5 is starting to accept pre-orders on Sep 14 and sell in store on Sep 21. Apple opened online pre-orders for its iPhone 5 at 3:01 a.m. EST, and sold out within an hour.  By noon, initial stocks of iPhone 5 are already sold out from wireless carriers AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. The sell-out is fairly impressive, even though there is no number of the sale on Friday, it is absolutely  larger than last year’s iPhone 4S (1M was sold only by AT&T). According to Reuters’s report,  it is the largest, fastest iPhone rollout in iPhone’s history. Apple shares opened at a record high Friday at $689.96 per share, and kept soaring, hitting $694 by 3 pm.

       When iPhone 5 first came out, there were many people saying the nagative things about it. The appearance of it didin’t change, for instance and there is no sexy. Also before it came out, there were vast discussions on social media sites talking about the new features and new look of the iPhone, and they seem all right. So it seems like the confidentiality of apple this time is not as good as before. However, iPhone still dominants the smart phones no matter what. 


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