Social Media in Crisis Situation


        As we all know thesedays, social media has a lot of advantages including enlarge our network, increase advertisemnets and sale, as well as increase job opportunities. Besides all of these, the benefit which amaze me the most is how social media functions in a crisis situation, especially natural disasters, such as tornado.

      When such thing as tornado comes, people are running out of their houses, their phone services are dead, the recue won’t be there so soon and there is no way they can get any information on how to handle the situation. This is the time when social media comes to play. All the people no matter they are in the hazardous area or out, start to posts information and share their situation. Research shows that when crisis happens, the information on social media flows way faster than the regular news. Information are also more accurate than on the news becasue the sources are coming from people in the disaster. 

       Besides the accuracy and immediate information, another good thing is that people can share their feelings on social media right away and also see someone else’s feelings. People always feel safer when they know there is someone else with them. They also feel better when they know what is going on. When the rescue and the reporters couldn’t go into the scene so quickly, it is really good to exchange information over the social media sites and let people know about their status.

      This method may not be ideal for all of the countries becasue some developing countries has very poverty areas such as China. When natural disasters hit the poverty area, there’s no way people can get on to the social media sites becasue they don’t even own laptops or smart phones. However, I think the knowledge of using social media in a crisis situation should be educated start from small kids since we are in the technology era, we should really use them to protect ourselves when necessary.


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