The Magic of Social Media


        Before these couple of months, I guess I really have never believed in the magic of social media. I never believed in something like a company hires someone because that person has a impressive social media site. Now I’m taking this social media class and I get to know a lot of thing I don’t know before, I start to believe in it. Also, I recently heard a story of my cousin and his wife’s, which really inspired me. I think it is usual that something happens to someone very close to you will make you really start to believe in it. My cousin Sunny and his wife Lily’s story really fit into all the things we are talking about thesedays. So here it is.

        Sunny and Lily were both radio reporters in my hometown radio station. They both loved their job but somehow, due to many complicated job policies in China, they were not accepted as permanent employees in the company. They were not satisfied with their salary either. Then on a holiday, they went to Boracay island, Philippines for vacation and they explored another career for themselves. Their lives started to change. Now they’ve moved to Boracay island for 2 month already. They are trained to be diving coaches over there and they are doing really good jobs. The…also post about their lives on the island.

        One day, the magic happened. A news reporter from Shenzhen was attractedd by Lily’s weibo. So she started to follow her, chat with her, and they soon formed a friendly relationship. The news reporter is very much amzed by how a couple could be so matched together to give up the life they already have and come to a common goal to live another life. Usually either the husband wants to change and the wife doesn’t or the other way around, which cause the relationship to fall apart. Therefore, the reporter desparatly wants to interview them. Next thing I know she just flew to the Boracay island to visit them. She also broght them snacks from China. My cousin finally let her interviewed his coach for the respect purpose. And they made a deal that the reporter come back two years later and interview them. They promised to continue following each other on weibo and keep in touch.

        When my cousin’s training is done, and he can finally start his own business, the interview will help him in a great deal. I am so happy for them, and their story really inspired me. I think I should start to try to manage my social media sites very well and hope the magic will happen to me.


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