The iPhone 5 (Parody): A Taller Change Than Expected


        Ever since iPhone 5 releases, so many people are talking about it. Either the new 3D map sytsem compares to the google map system, or the Chinese version siri, or the thinner body, as well as the taller screen. Without doubt there will be positive voices and negative voices. Last night, I found a video on Youtube and this is the most interesting comment I have ever seen. The video is invented based on the taller screen feature of iPhone 5 and exaggerate it. Those folks did a really good job imitating Apple’s office video introducing iPhone 5. They used the exact same format and tone of voice. I think they are very smart to come up with an idea like this. It is so hilarious and very creative. I personally think the best part is when they say with the taller screen, the reception has never been better, and when they introduce the body time. 

        I reviewed people’s feedback on this video. Most people like it. On Youtube, there are 27074 likes vs. 499 dislikes at the point I watched it. One person says he actually wants that extremely tall phone. Most people find the video hilarious. Some people think this is the best commercial ever for the new iPhone. There are other people who already got iPhone 5 comment that they are first not too comfortable with the taller screen and then they get used to it. I personally think that this video is going to help Apple generate sales. People will want to try the taller screen since it is the first time ever Apple has increase the length of the screen. Below is the video, I hope you enjoy it.


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