Target on Social Media


        Target as America’s third largest retailer, has become the America’s fastest-growing social brands with adding more than 2 million Facebook fans in the last month alone, according to Track Social. I personally like Target a lot because it has tidy shopping environment and better products. Target did very good in their corporate social responsibilities also. But what I didn’t know is that Target is also one of the most successful brands on Facebook. I found this interesting article which concludes five main points to make Target successful on social media. I think these points can be helpful to other brands who are trying to expand their influence on social media.        

  • Encourage Facebook messaging and delivery benefit to the customer. Target has a user friendly app called “Give with friends”. It allows people to pool their resources and give a gift card to another friend on Facebook. This makes people engage and also be rewarded. 
  • Use Twitter to create real time conversations. Many brands use Twitter and other soc… new customer through it.
  • Pictures are better than other types of messages. Target has a clear idea that when sending messages, to include a picture works much better. So they post a lot of photos and charts to earn better response.
  • Community Engagement. Target do a lot of community services. For instance, they have the recent campaign “Give with Target”, which let their followers vote for their favorite local schools. The winning school will get Target gift cards.
  • Think global, post local. This means that even as large a company as Target, it is always the best to customize their posts based on users’ locations. Many big brands only see social media as a mess media platforms, but Target gets the heart of social media sites.

        From above five points, we can see that Target is really doing a good job with social media. Their engagement trending has been upward all year. Here is the link to the full article, if you are interested in Target or if you want to learn from Target’s success, please read it.


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