Gangnam Style


       This is a VERY popular video recently. The song in the video is called Gangnam Style along with the dance. It is created by a Korean artist PSV. The song was released on July 15th this year. His dancing is like a horse running and it is somehow very very influencing. I even heard the song on the radio FM star 102.1 the other day. I personally don’t like the song. But there are so many people are crazy about it. The video is on Youtube and I believe it is everywhere. On Youtube, there are 3,050,215 people vote like it with 306,731,941 views.

       Social media is so powerful thesedays. I think everyone can be a star nowadays if you have enough potential to influene people. The information travels so fast through social media sites and internationally. There are plenty of other video related to the song. The marching bands of Oregon University, Ohio University and many others use the song in the opening of football games. So many people are learning the dance. Other Korean artists say they are so pround of the guy. He also perfomed in New York.



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