Social Media and Baby Boomers


        I’ve learned a new word today when I’m reading some social media news. It is “baby boomers”. Baby boomers is the group of people who was born betwwen year 1946-1964. This age range is pretty much our generation’s parents. They are the generation who has been considered hard-working, motivative and competitive. But they are not passionate about social media. Social media is generally considered as something yong people love to use. I’m not saying that there are no baby boomers using social networking sites. In fact, some of them use those sites very well. But the majority people who are using social media sites are our generation.

       As a matter of fact, social media can be a good friend for the baby boomers. First of all, they can be up-to-date of what’s new in their lives. We have a old saying in China that live to old, learn to old. So the baby boomers should always learn the new things. It will make their lives more fun and more fashion. It can also help some of them who is still working, to expand their business using soical media sites. Secondly, it is a good way to be involve with what’s their offsprings are doing. If they want to track down on their children, they should get a Facebook account or a Twitter account. Thirdly, it will make their lives easier. Just like what soical media is doing for us, it can work for them, too. They can find a lot of good stuff on social media sites such as coupons and deals. They can also read variety news anytime they want.  

       Social media might not be good for everybody. Some people just don’t want to try them. However, if you try, it will bring you suprises. I think the baby boomers should really start using social media. Our generation will learn even more when they join us. We will see different things through their different views and experiences. They can learn from the young generations, too. I think social meida can totally help us to reduce the generation gaps.


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