Tim Cook Apology


        Last Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized for Apple not doing the best jobs with their map on iPhone 5 or iOS 6 system. I went to Tim Cook’s Facebook page and found the original letter which I have attached here. I have upgraded my system to iOS 6 already but I haven’t tested out the map so much yet. So I can’t say whether the map is good for me or not. I do have some friends who won’t upgrade their iPhone 4 or 4S becasue they don’t want to lose Google map. 

        I reviewed all the comments under Tim Cook’s letter. The majority of the people who left comments there are appreciated that the CEO will come out like this to address their customers. Many people think that Apple does make world class products and also believe in it to improve the map.

        Apple as one of the world’s biggest and most successful company, their apology really means a lot to their customers. I like Apple a lot. To be able to work for companies like Apple as a public realtions person is my life long dream. So I‘m all supportive. I think as big as Apple, the CEO can post an apology letter on his own Facebook page is really big. It shows that they care a lot about their customers. They also take advantage of social media sites to dissenminate information. I’m actually a little surprised that there are not so many people liked and commented on his letter. There are only 108 likes and 29 comments. I think what Apple is doing is the kind of things big companies do to keep them being great and having high reputation. I believe Apple will do whatever it takes to make their products the best.


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