Halloween Costume


        I would start this blog by saying that I’m really not a creative person. I guess my right brain has not developed yet. Everytime I have to write a paper, I struggle with what topic I’m going to pick, not to mention other creative tasks. So I always admire and am amazed by how people could be so creative. With smart phones, there are so many creative apps that bring us so much fun. Here is one. 

        The app this video is talking about is called digital dudz. It can help you to make a perfect costume for Halloween and also cost less. Halloween is approching and I think it is probably one of the most fun holidays. Becasue people can dress up like anything they want and kids are trick or treating. I never have the gut to go to a Halloween party yet becasue I’m really scared of ghosts. I freak out when I see someone dress like a ghost. Even though thesedays people are all about sexy and fun with Halloween costumes, but there are still people dress like phosts. I really want to try sometime.

        The app is perfect for someone who wants to have fun and be creative and don’t want to spend too much money on the contumes. You just need to buy a t-shirt with your favorite character and cut its eyes out and attach your smart phone on to it instead and the eyes are moving. I went on their website, the t-shirt is $23 dollor each and if you buy two or more you get free shipping. There are more than 20 characters. They even have Obama and Romey t-shirt since the eletion is coming up.

        The video has 849,190 views, in which  likes and 153 dislikes. I didn’t find how many they have already sold but I think there should be more characters and I believe they’re working on it. 



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