Losing Jobs Over Facebook Posts


        Ever since social media plays big in our lives, it really helps a lot of people out on getting to know people, advertising, expanding businesses and so on. However, with the openness nature of social networking sites, we really need to be careful what we say on those sites. Becasue you never know who will find out about it and what the consequences will be. There are already many examples of people who got fired over social media posts and here is one more.

        In June, a Chicago area BMW car dealdership saler Robert Becker was fired over his two Facebook postings. First he made fun with his employer by exposing that during an “Ultimate Driving” event at the dealership, clients received only cookies and chips and an “overcooked wiener and stale bun”. The other one was that he posted an incident happened in Land Rover dealdership which is next door and owned by the same company, with pictures. It was that they put a 13-year-old kid in the driving seat, who accidentally hit the gas pedal and drive the car into a pond.

        Sep 29th, a National Labor Relations Board administrative law judge made the final decision that the company did not wrongfully fired Becker. He said that the hotdog post was protected while the incident post was unprotected. “It was posted by Becker, apparently, as a lark, without any discussion with any other employee of the respondent, and had no connection to any of the employee’s terms and conditions of employment,” Biblowitz said. He also concluded that sections of the firm’s employee handbook were overly broad, although they have since been rescinded. He ordered a notice be posted at the dealership informing employees of their right to engage in protected concerted activity.

        This example tells us that in the social media era now, not only employees should be careful what kinds things we can say on social media and what kind of things we should have a second thought of, but also the employers should make specific terms and conditions for employees to follow. That way nobody will be hurt. I think it is sad for employees to be fired for their social media postings, especially now, everybody can see what happens over social media. It might be hard for the person to find a job again. We should really be careful.

        Here is the full article. 



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