Social Media in President Campaign


                Social media has been used so widely that the president campaign definitely won’t let it out. President Barack Obama and the the other candidate Mitt Romney are both actively searching for ways to engage with the public, especially the young generation. This is why they want to be active on social networking sites. President Obama is clearly a winnter as of now compare to Romney. Here are some statistics:

        On Facebook, president Obama has more than 30.8 million people like his page while Romney’s only got a little over 9.3 million. There’s one post says “If you’re on Team Obama, let him know,” on the president’s page which has been shared more than 159,000 times. First Lady Michelle Obama, meanwhile, has 8.5 million Facebook fans — ahead of Romney’s wife Ann (381,000). But in the vice president race, Joe Biden trails far behind his Republican rival Paul Ryan.

        On Twitter, @BarackObama has more than 20.8 million followers. Obama has present on the social network since March 2007, and his team constantly post comments on his behalf. His own tweets are followed by the initials ‘bo.’ According to Two…d to praise the first lady. Mitt Romney, has a little less than 23,700 fans. His page also includes campaign ads and other videos, including one depicting his love story with his wife Ann.

        On Pinterest: Obama’s page has more than 34,600 followers. His team has posted light-hearted snaps, such as photos of the president stroking his dog Bo under the heading “Pet Lovers for Obama.” Romney is on Pinterest with a mere 1,700 followers, but his wife Ann has drawn a following of more than 12,400. She has posted photos of herself cooking M&M cookies with her grandchildren or of a meatloaf cake — “one of Mitt’s favorites.” Michelle Obama is also on Pinterest, with just under 43,000 followers. Her page includes gardening snaps taken around the White House.

        On Instagram: There are 1.5 million people follow Barack Obama’s campaign shots. Far behind, Mitt Romney is “followed” by 30 times less people.




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