Social Media is Responsible for Teen Bullying


       A 15-year-old girl Amanda Todd commited suicide on Wednesday Oct. 10th in Port Coquitlam. Before she died, she was seriously bullied for years both in her real life and online.  There was another girl called Jenna Bowers-Bryanton, also was 15 years old last year, commited suicide in January, 2011 in Truro, NS becasue of bullying. 

       Amanda posted a video on YouTube a month before she died to talk about her tragedy. The video was long becasue she didn’t talk or show her face, she just used paper and writing to tell her story. I copied every down here for you to read easier.  

  • Hello
  • I’ve decided to tell you about my never ending sotyr
  • In 7th grade I would go with firends on webcram meet and talk to new people.
  • Then got called stunning, beautiful, perfect, etc.
  • Then wanted me to flash….
  • So I did…1 year later….
  • I got a MSG on Facebook from him…Don’t know how he knew me. It said… if you don’t put on a show for me I will send ur boobs.
  • He knew my address, school, relatives, friends, family names.
  • Christmas break, knock at my door at 4am. It was the police…my photo was sent to evryone. I then got really sick and got anxiety, major depression and panic disorder.
  • I then moved and got into drugs and alcohol. My anxiety got worse…couldn’t go out.
  • A year past and the guy came back with my new list of friends and school, but made a Facebook page. My boobs were his profile pic…
  • Cried every night, lost all my friends and respect people had for me again. Then nobody liked me.
  • Name calling, judged..I can never get that photo back. It’s out there forever. I started cutting. I promised myself never again. 
  • Didn’t have any firends and I sat at lunch alone. So I moved schools again. Everything was better even though I sat still alone at lunch in the library everyday. After a month later I started to talking to an old guy friend. We back and forth texted and he started to say he liked me, led me on. He had a girlfriend.
  • Then he said come over my gf’s on vacation. So I did huge mistake. He hooked up with me. I thought he liked me. 1 week later I get a text get out of your school. His grilfriend and 15 others came including himself. The girl and 2 others just said look around nobody likes you in front of my new school (50) people. 
  • A guy then yelled just punch her already, so she did. She threw me to the ground and punched me several times. Kids filmed it. I was all alone and left on the ground. I felt like a joke in this world. I thought nobody deserves this. I was along. I lied and said it was my fault and my idea. 
  • I didn’t want him getting hurt, I thought he really liked me, but he just wanted the sex. Someone yelled punch her already. Teachers ran over but I just went and layed in a ditch and my dad found me.
  • I wanted to die so bad. When he brought me home I drank bleach. It killed me inside and I thought I was gonna actually die. Ambulence came and brought me to the hospital and flushed me. After I got home all I saw was on Facebook. “She deserved it. Did you wash the mud out of your hair? I hope she’s dead.” Nobody cared… I moved away to another city wity my mom and another school. I didn’t wanna press charges becasue I wanted to move on.
  • 6 months has gone by. People are posting pictures of bleach, clorex and ditches tagging me. I was doing a lot better too. They said she should try a different bleach. I hope she dies this time and isn’t so stupid. They said I hope she sees this and kills herself. 
  • Why do I get this? I messed up but why follow me. I left your guys city. I’m constantly crying now. Everyday I think why am I still here? My anxiety is horrible now. Never went out this summer. All from my past life never getting better. Can’t go to school, meet or be with people. Constantly cutting. I’m really depressed.
  • I’m on anti-deppresants now and councelling and a month ago this summer, I overdosed in hospital for 2 days. I’m stuck what’s left of me now. Nothing stops. I have nobody, I need someone. My name is Amanda Todd.

       Above are all her message in her almost 9 minutes video. On YouTube, this video has 2,620,596 views and 18,480 likes. Her story brings our attention that bullying is a lot different now than in the past. Now with social media, what’s out there is always there and so many people will see it. So it’s like if you have done something bad, there’s no way out. There should be solutions and education on the bullying problem. 


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