Katy Parry Sings With A Gril Has Autism


       A 11-year-old girl Jodi DiPiazza who has Autism, sings with Firewords with Katy Parry at Night of Too Many Stars on Oct 13. In the video that pre-taped before the show, Jodi’s parents said that there were no symptions of the disease before they found out and there is no cure. It is a life long disability. She had to go to whole day therapy and when she got home, there were another two hours therapy everyday. Their lives are very stressful. Her parents didn’t expect too much. They thought she would never speak, and not to mention she would sing oneday. 

       Her father thought that she would be limited until they found out that she loved music. From then on, she kept proving that they were wrong. Her mother said that whenver she heard something from radio or TV, she would go to the piano and play it out. They were very lucky to find a program where she could practice her music and sing. Katy Parry is one of her favirote celebrities. She played Fireworks in front of her family and friends and she also played on the stage when she sang with Katy Parry.

       I love the song Fireworks, that is why the news caught my attention at first place. I think the girl did very well on her vocal and her piano. After they finish the show. She hugged Katy Parry for a long time and didn’t want to let her go. Then she put up her hands and showed her joy.  

      Katy Parry tweeted about the show on Oct 14. People who were responding her said that they cried when they watched the video. She did a great thing to help out the girl. Hope she fully recover soon.


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