Pinterest Drives More Sales Than Facebook


         According to a recent survey conducted by BizRate Insights, which is the industry- leading suite of customer listening & website ratings tools for online retailers, Pinterest motivates more online purchases than Facebook. Below is a figure compares Pinterest with Facebook in terms of reasons to use them, Pinterest tops Facebook.

        I didn’t know about Pinterest until this semester. When my professor talked about different forms of social networking sites, I always hear Pinterest, but I still didn’t know what this was, until the presentation on Pinterest by one of my classmates. I find Pinterest is pretty interesting. People mostly pin pictures on there. Everybody loves visual and so do I. I like to see pictures a lot more than words. In addition, there are a lot of fashion stuff on Pinterest, people have the envy section where they post thing they want. This could be a great section for me, becasue I always like to see products online. With the envy section, I can see what other people found instead of searching for myself. Also with other people’s envy section, there are mixed products in there so I don’t have to just look at one brand and one type of things. Other sections like food is what everybody likes, and I do too. 

        I haven’t set up a Pinterest account yet,  but if see something I like on Pinterest, I would want to buy them. I think many people are like me. So Pinterest is a very good sites to drive sales. 

        Zappos has launched a companion tool for Pinterest called PinPointing. It reccomends Zoppos products based on different Pinterest pins and boards. Users open PinPointing, enter a pinner or board name and PinPointing recommends Zappos products that are similar so they can easily purchase that product. They come up with the idea inspired from magzines and retail stores, where they show celebrities’ pictures and show their products have the similar look of the celebrity with lower prices. 


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