Bruno Mars on Instagram


       Many celebrities are on social media sites thesedays to disseminate their personal information directly to their fans. They usually post their status and pictures, and they also respond to their fans sometimes. On social media, they can also see how people are talking about them and how their fans are giving feedbacks.

       Singer and songwriter Bruno Mars just posted his first Instagram photo on Wednesday. He is using the photo-sharing service to debut the cover art for his forthcoming Unorthodox Jukebox album. The cover art premiered on Instagram, but not surprisingly, it was quickly making its way onto other social networing sites such as Facebook and Twitter. 

       In the video below is the first single of his album, “Locked Out of Heaven”.

 According to Mashable, the digital marketer at Mars’s label, Atlantic Records, Thanh Nguyen said “Just like the music video for ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ it’s been his approach to go directly to his fans, there’s definitely a charm with spontaneity and as he mentioned in a recent interview, the Internet gives you that luxury.”

      What he said was so true. The Internet gives everybody so much and makes everybody’s life so easy. Now with Instagram, we are not only doing things with words, but also pictures, which sometimes conveys even more. There are a lot of celebrities other than Bruno Mars are finding fun ways to take advantage of Instagram, whether for crowdsourced contests or music videos. Bob Dylan, Rufus Wainwright, and Ellie Goulding have all asked fans to submit Instagram photos for inclusion in their lyric videos this year.


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