The Fourth Generation iPad & iPad Mini


       On Tuesday, Apple launched the smallest tablet so far, the 7.85-inch iPad mini. Surprisingly, iPad mini was not the only thing launched that day, the fourth generation iPad also launched with it. Nobody anticipated the launch of the fourth generation iPad since iPad 3 has only been launched for 6 months. 

       The iPad mini is about 25% thinner than the iPad (7.2 mm) and 53% lighter (0.68 lbs.). The resolution is 1,024 * 768, the same as the original iPad and iPad 2. It comes with a powerful A5 chip, the new 9-pin lightning connector, and LED backlight technology. Other features include a front-facing FaceTime 720p camera and a 5-megapixel rear camera.

       The fourth generation iPad is created with a new A6X chip, which is also featured in the iPhone 5 — this LTE-capable device is reportedly twice as fast as the former iPad.

       I am an iPad 3 user myself, but I don’t feel so bad about the lauching of the new iPad because I don’t care how fast the new one is. My tablet is good enough for me. However, a new study by Toluna Quick Surveys conducted among 2,000 consumers, shows that 45% of iPad users are upset about the timing Apple launches its next-generation tablet, and consequently made the iPad 3 obsolete.  

       The survey also shows that 50% of iPad 3 owners say they are unsatisfied about the launch of iPad 4, followed by 45% of iPad 2 owners and 40% of the first generation iPad users. 

       Even though consumers are upset about iPad 4, they report that they are ready and willing to purchase iPad mini. The survey finds out that 15% consumers say they will definitely buy the tablet and 32% say they will probably buy it. Respondents are most impressed by the size of the small and lightweight device, followed by the speed and performance, and enhanced battery life.


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